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Foodservice Center, Inc, was established in 1977.  Since then our business has been that of Redistribution. Foodservice Center sells only to Distributors in approximately 17 states.  We currently have contracts and agreements with some 200 national companies, processors and manufacturers. As a result, the company experienced significant growth and the Company doubled in size in six years. We focus on a select group of manufacturer partners and avoid competing vendors on each Foodservice Center order.

Distributor Benefits

We at Foodservice Center, Inc. perform a unique and effective service for our distributor partners in that we handle nationally branded products while maintaining a high level of customer service. We provide inventory turns, promotional services, and minimal out of stocks. Without our program some distributors would not be able to offer their customers a complete line of frozen, refrigerated or dry food products or be able to participate in promotional activity. National, Regional and Local food distributors get increase inventory turns, no manufacturer minimums and improved cash flow.

Broker Benefits

Foodservice Center, Inc. works with, and believes in the local broker. We handle all of the credits, damages, and shortages of products allowing the broker more time for sales, marketing, and promotional work. We partner with the local brokers and keep them informed of distributors purchasing their lines with weekly reports of all sales in their market area. Sales are reported to all manufactures to ensure broker compensation.

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