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Does Foodservice Center allow customer pickups?

Yes, Foodservice Center allows customer pickups from our St. Louis location. We provide next day pick up appointments. For our larger customers we offer our CTL (Courtesy Trailer Load) Program. Simply place your order, drop an empty trailer on our lot, and pick up a fully loaded trailer the next day. Contact your Customer Service Representative for details about any of our pick up programs.

Is Foodservice Center EDI capable?

Yes, Foodservice Center is fully EDI capable. We offer several EDI processes to our trading partners including: 850/875 Purchase Order, 855 P.O. Acknowledgement, and 867 Reporting. For additional information contact our EDI department at

Who does Foodservice Center sell to?

Foodservice Center as with the other major food Redistributors in the country only sells to licensed Distributors. 


Can I place my order online?

Yes.  We encourage our customers to take advantage of the FSC Net.  It provides a comprehensive portal for order placement, pricing inquiries, and purchase history.  Click the login button at the top of the page to enter FSC Net.  For a new username  or questions about FSC Net please contact your CSR. 



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