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Foodservice Center, Inc. is a food Redistributor and our buildings are located in the historic Soulard area of Saint Louis, Missouri. Since 1977 we have proudly served the distributors of the Midwest, both large and small. Our success is directly related to the drive and commitment of our employees and the valued relationships we have with our customers, suppliers, and buying group partners. To learn more about Foodservice Center, Inc. click here.


Anybody can be a National Redistributor, Our Goal is to be the BEST Redistributor!

Today and Tomorrow

Foodservice Center has always been proud of our ever expanding relationships with our customers, vendors, and buying group partners.  Going forward we continue our work with other Redistributors from across the country to form the United Redistribution Network to better serve our combined customers throughout the nation. We believe that these steps with the further integration of current technologies and the support of our entire Family of employees will carry us boldly into the future...


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Is Foodservice Center EDI capable?

Yes, Foodservice Center is fully EDI capable. We offer several EDI processes to our trading partners including: 850/875 Purchase Order, 855 P.O. Acknowledgement, and 867 Reporting. For more information contact our EDI department.


Great Service with Flexibilty. That’s the FoodService Center way.

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